How to setup Proton VPN for free?

1. Visit the ProtovVPN website. (

2. choose your operating system to download the VPN client. I will download Windows client.

3. When download finished, double click on the downloaded file. If it ask Administrator access, please grant it.

4. Hit next to see next page.

If the installation path is acceptable click next. otherwise click browse to choose another path to install the VPN client.

5. Click Install to start installation process.

After few minutes you will see the next screen (step 6).

6. If everything goes well you will see this screen. It means the installation is accomplished.

7. Open the ProtonVPN client app to see this screen. If you have an account go to step 10 otherwise click on "Create Account"

8. In this step you need to create an account:

9. Fill the form to create your free account

10. Enter your username and Password to login the app client.

11. Click on Skip if you don't want to upgrade to a paied version

12. Click on Quick Connect to enjoy the VPN

13. After few seconds a VPN connection will be established to the nearest VPN server. In Free version you can't choose the country.

14. Enjoy your Free VPN.