What is the best password manager in 2022

The answer really depends on your level of IT knowledge and what you expect from a password manager.

There are three main features which you should consider before choosing the right password manager:

1- Security

2- Privacy

3- Reliability

Self-Hosted BitWarden

Bitwarden is a free and open-source end-to-end encrypted password manager that is as very nicely looking and easy to use.

If you want all of the features which I mentioned above, I would recommend BitWarden (BitWarden.com), but the self-hosted version. It is secure and open source.

That means you would need to self-install and self-manage it's server on a Docker.

It is a secure password manager, and since you will be hosting it yourself it will come with a high privacy.

However, reliability really would depend on you. There are many admin teams who would take care of the administration part for a monthly fee. But it will be up to you if you would trust them or not .

Pros of self-hosted Bitwarden

- High Security (also depends on the security of the Docker which you are using)

- High Privacy (As it is hosted by you)

- High Reliability (really depends on the management of the docker and installing the updates)

Cons of self-hosted Bitwarden

- Needs your personal attention for management and administration hence, this is for PRO-Users!

**NOTE: the features of self-hosted BitWarden are the same as the hosted version.

Hosted BitWarden

Bitwarden is free and open-source software, the core product is free and will stay free forever, but you can support the developer by paying a very reasonable $10 per year subscription fee for a premium personal account. Premium users enjoy some cool (non-core) additional features, as outlined below.

In addition to a premium personal plan, Bitwarden offers family plans and a couple of enterprise plans aimed at businesses.

Main Features of BitWarden

The following features are available to free users:

  • End-to-end encryption (e2ee) of passwords (Your data is sealed with end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256.)
  • 100% open source
  • Cross-platform apps for all major platforms
  • Browser add-ons for all major browsers
  • Web browser access from anywhere
  • Command-line tools (CLI) to write and execute scripts on your Bitwarden vault
  • Can self-host
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

By paying $10 you would get:

  • 1GB encrypted file storage
  • Additional 2FA options
  • Priority customer support

What is important to note is that there is no account recovery feature.

How easy is Bitwarden to use?

To start using Bitwarden, just download the app for your platform and sign-up in-app. A password is requested, but this is not verified. You’ll need to think of a strong master password, and can choose a hint to help you remember it.

And that’s it! Just don’t forget your master password!

BitWarden desktop and mobile clients

BitWarden comes with rich and reliable desktop (including the software and browser add-ons) and mobile (iOS and Android) apps. All Windows, macOS and majority of Linux distributions are supported.

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is one of the most popular online password managers, with reportsit’s super easy to use, has a really strong password generator, and that it pretty much does things automatically, saving you a lot of headache. It has quite a few cool features – a customizable password generator, a password security analysis and browser extensions for almost every browser out there.

Features of LastPass

One of the most important things to realize about LastPass is that it isn't just a password manager. The platform also comes with several features that streamline the web experience of both you and your employees. LastPass provides secure storage not only for passwords, but also for credit cards, WiFi passwords, and digital notes.

Businesses looking for the best password manager will be glad to know that LastPass comes with all the standard features expected, including password sharing, password generation, emergency access, one-touch login, and automatic syncing of all data. Businesses looking for the best password manager will be glad to know that LastPass comes with all the standard features expected, including password sharing, password generation, emergency access, one-touch login, and automatic syncing of all data.

LastPass also comes with innovative features that separate it from the pack and make it one of our favorite password management solutions for businesses.

One such innovative feature is the integration of password management and MFA services. Combining password management and MFA enables LastPass to secure every access point used by your business’s devices with single sign-on for over 1,200+ pre-integrated applications.

Advanced administrator controls also enable IT administrators to leverage over 100 policies for user management and data control. This makes it one of the most customizable password management platforms available.

Interface and performance of LastPass

Syncing was efficient and with little lag, and working across multiple devices and browsers was as seamless as the company advertises.

The applications themselves are well designed, and the user interface is easy to navigate. We tested the application on Windows 10, iOS, and Android, and were impressed with all of them. One aspect we particularly appreciated was the compartmentalizing of data into different menu options. This makes it easy for users to easily organize their passwords, credit cards, notes, and addresses.

As we mentioned above, sometimes it becomes buggy a little bit. Specially when someone share something with you and you would need to accept the share by the mobile version rather than the desktop version.

Security of LastPass

Just like BitWarden LastPass is using 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt your data which is the military grade encryption.

Paid version of LastPass

LastPass Premium starts from €2.67 ($3) per month which is a little bit more expensive than BitWarden.

LastPass is not opren source

This is a downside of LastPass which might have an effect on many users' choices.

Final Decision:

As you noticed both BitWarden and LastPass are identical in many aspects. And when it comes to security they are both at the top of this category. To choose the best between these two we recommend that you try both (the trial version) to see if they match your needs and with which you are more comfortable.

However, when it comes to security BitWarden seems to be the only option as you can install it on your server (Docker). In other words you will be in control.

* We will try to add more reviews in future for other password manager so that you would be able to have a wider view of all possibilities.