How to make Firefox more secure

Firefox 74.0 (64-bit) is a stable browser. Firefox also has some great security features that make it our preferred browser of choice.

There are some tips and tricks to make your Firefox web-browsing experience much safer. Follow the tips below to enhance your Firefox browser’s security:

Turn on Firefox's 'Do Not Track' feature:

There is a privacy-related feature in Firefox that tells websites that you don't want to have your actions tracked by the website you are visiting. This doesn't mean that websites will respect your privacy or fulfil your request, but it at least makes your intentions known. Hopefully, some sites will honour your wishes.

To enable the Do Not Track feature:

  • Click on the Firefox Preferences menu.
  • Choose the Privacy tab.
  • Check the box “Only when Firefox is set to block known trackers”

Turn on Firefox's pop-up blocker

Unless you like pop-ups interrupting your browsing every two minutes, the pop-up blocker is one of those must-have features that you will want to make sure is turned on. You can always add exceptions for sites that require pop-ups like certain shopping or banking sites.

To enable Firefox's pop-up blocker:

  • Click on the Firefox Preferences menu.
  • Search “Block pop-up windows”.
  • Check the Block pop-up windows box

Please note that if you're using Firefox 74.0 or later for Windows then most of these settings will be located under the Tools menu under Options.