Atlanta Synagogue Reports Cyber-Attack

  • An once-a-year spiritual service held in Atlanta in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Working day was disrupted by a cyber-attack.

    Menace actors reportedly targeted a Shabbat company that was remaining broadcast are living about the internet from Atlanta synagogue The Temple on January 15. The attack happened as US Senator-elect Raphael Warnock, the pastor at Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, was offering a sermon.

    People making an attempt to watch the support are living via the Temple’s site were being not able to accessibility it, according to a letter penned by the synagogue’s president, Kent Alexander.

    Writing to the congregation on Saturday, Alexander claimed: “To the several of you who tried using to log on by way of the Temple website but could not, and missed the assistance, we apologize and want to give an explanation.

    “Our web-site company service provider informed our executive director, Mark Jacobson, past evening that ‘malicious user agents’ experienced constantly loaded the Temple internet site with the objective of shutting it down.”

    Alexander did not name the assistance provider but extra that he had been told that the attack was the “major-ever attack influencing the provider’s network of client synagogues” and that internet websites throughout the United States experienced also been blocked.

    “Sooner or later, accessibility was restored for all, but The Temple was very last,” the director wrote. “Our site was down for more than an hour into the service.”

    The incident is presently below investigation by the authorities. Alexander theorized that the attack was encouraged by spiritual and racial bigotry.

    Following highlighting that Warnock will quickly come to be Georgia’s initially African American senator, Alexander wrote: “Presumably, The Temple was singled out by a racist and anti-Semitic team or person bent on silencing our joint Temple-Ebenezer Baptist Church MLK Jr. Shabbat.”

    The Temple was launched in 1867 and is situated in the city’s midtown. An annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Shabbat provider has been hosted there for about a 10 years.

    In 1958, the Temple’s north entrance was bombed by the “Accomplice Underground” in an incident denounced by then President Dwight Eisenhower. The bomb, created applying 50 sticks of dynamite, caused damage valued at $750k today.